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At some point in relationships, many married couples consider divorcing their spouses. Couples who were once in love encounter several challenges in their marriages that result in divorce. Actions done by one of the spouses and inability to communicate on their problems often leads to divorces. Some couples think that divorce is the only solution to the challenges they may be facing in their marriage.

The fact is that divorce in many marriages can be avoided through couples counseling.During marriage counseling, a joint-therapy session for both couples is conducted by a marriage counselor who may be a clinical social worker or a therapist. The spouses are given an opportunity for each to speak openly on the issues they are facing within their marriage.Several marriages breaks due to lack of communication, and therefore the primary focus of the therapy session is to promote communication between the spouses.

When couples engage in open communication, they are able to find solutions to their marriage and many divorces can be avoided. Married couples may find it difficult to engage in an open conversation on matters affecting their marriage and thus becomes necessary to involve a relationship counselor.Secrets that couples usually keep to themselves are discussed during the session of therapy, and the marriage counselor is able to advise the couple accordingly.
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Couple coaching has proved to be a very successful strategy to save marriages especially young couples. All marriages can be saved through counseling regardless of the couples age. It is possible to find successful counseling for older couples while young couples find it difficult to reconcile their differences even after they have been counseled.Successful marriage counseling depends on how committed the spouses are to solving their differences.
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Marriages that have the highest probability of being saved are those that the couples are ready to speak freely and are willing to take the advice given to them by the marriage counselor.For marriages where one of the spouses is determined to get a divorce, counseling may not be successful to save the relationship.

According to studies conducted, couples who are able to reconcile their differences in marriage are those that seek help at the initial stages of marital problems rather than wait longer.Problems addressed immediately as they arise in marriage prevents future challenges but when those problems pile up with time, it becomes difficult to solve them.

Marriages which no reconciliation is arrived at even after counseling may consider divorce as their last option.However many marriages are not yet beyond repair and should not head for divorce without first seeking help from a counselor.Couples whose spouses have been unfaithful should find assistance from the infidelity counselor before thinking of a divorce.Do not just give up on a marriage that you have invested so much in for simple issues that can be solved, consider marriage counseling.