Choosing Nature Over Danger

Human beings have been fascinated by the concept of beauty since time immemorial. What is considered beautiful differs between societies and cultures. However, individuals will still work hard to appeal to the visual senses of everyone who beholds them. In the past, before the onset of cosmetic products, women used crude ingredients to make themselves fairer and more appealing. In modern days, individuals are willing to spend thousands of dollars in an effort to make themselves more beautiful.

“Beauty Health Hazards”

Unfortunately, women all over the world became obsessed with beauty and the power associated with it. Beautiful women were more likely to get married to wealthy men who will take care o them. Also, beautiful women are more likely to get employment in certain industries. This obsession led to the notion of ‘no pain, no gain’, in which women were willing to go through extremely painful and dangerous procedures in order to become beautiful.

In the past, women were made to believe that a small, wasp-like waist is beautiful. These women often tied corsets tightly around their waist. This would make it difficult for them to breath properly and most women suffered fainting spells as a result of this. In ancient China, women were made to believe that big feet are ugly. These women would therefore tie their feet when they are young in order to prevent them from becoming bigger. This procedure is extremely painful, and activities such as walking would be excruciating. Women in other parts of the world applied toxic mercury on their skin in order to make them fairer.

These days, women have been made to believe that skinny and tall is beautiful. Young girls all over the world are trying out dangerous diets and diet pills. Others have developed unhealthy eating disorders such as anorexia. Women have died on the surgeon’s table while trying to get liposuction in order to remove excess fat from their bodies. Others have gone through a painful procedure that involves breaking the bones in their legs in order to make them taller.

It is quite sad that people have resulted to such extremes in order to look beautiful. What most of these people do not realize is that beauty also has a psychological aspect. This aspect involves loving and accepting oneself. Most men will agree that there is nothing as beautiful and as attractive as a confident woman.

Furthermore, there are a lot of natural tips that can help an individual to look more beautiful. Drinking plenty of water can help to make the skin more radiant and it will definitely help the individual to age gracefully. Fruits and vegetables are essential for firmer and healthy looking skin. Individuals should also get plenty of rest at night as this will keep their skin looking younger and they will also feel better.

There are also a lot of natural products that use safe ingredients. Such products are available in various stores and websites and they can help a woman to have beautiful skin, hair and nails without causing them any pain. Women should always remember that though beauty is desirable, they do not have to risk their health or lives in order to achieve it.