Beauty The Natural Way

Though a lot of big cosmetic brands continue to tempt us with often untruthful claims, we must remember that the natural beauty regimens like home made beauty masks and natural remedies are the safest and often the most effective. But it is extremely important to know one’s own skin type before applying natural products to one’s skin and hair. One should always stick to using completely natural ingredients like honey, lemon, rose water, milk, corn flour, flour, turmeric, orange juice, cabbage juice, almonds, carrots, cucumber, coconut milk, mint juice and Aloe Vera when making homemade natural beauty packs.

A time tested and effective recipe to obtain a flawless complexion is to combine equal amounts of cucumber juice, rose water and limejuice. This mixture should be stored in a bottle and then applied on the skin and kept overnight. For people who are worried of an acne problem, a mixture made of equal quantities of lime juice, glycerin and rose water helps. This solution should be applied on one’s face every night, and then washed off next morning. This is also effective against blackheads and skin spots. Applying this solution on one’s hands and feet, help in making the skin supple. Even the application of orange juice is a natural and easy way to obtain soft skin. A little bit of tomato juice and lemon juice mixed together can go a long way in giving an attractive glow to the skin. A paste of turmeric powder and wheat flour proves to be a natural method of epilating, as this paste helps in getting rid of unwanted hair.¬†Cleansing lotions can also be made at home using a mixture of un-boiled milk, a pinch of salt and two teaspoons of lime juice. Bidding goodbye to expensive anti-wrinkle creams, one can actually make an anti-wrinkle solution at home by mixing 30 ml of cabbage juice with a teaspoon of honey.

A mixture of olive oil and almond oil is effective in getting rid of dandruff problems and a boiled mixture of rosemary, sage, peach leaf, burdock, and nettle helps in preventing hair loss as well. One can even make one’s shampoo at home by mixing a tablespoon each of almond oil, liquid soap, witch hazel, rose water, water and an egg with 1/4th tablespoonful of honey.

To cure dry and chapped lips, the best natural remedy is to apply a paste made of milk and rose petals. Even beetroot juice helps in maintaining full and healthy lips. But one has to be careful of the skin allergies one might have and therefore, it is always best to consult a trusted dermatologist before starting on any therapy.